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so-young park

1 February – 20 March 2008
Curated by Marc Wellmann

Opening 31 January 2008, 6–9 pm
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Running, 2005, oil on canvas , 190 x 145 cm

The complex image worlds of the Korean painter So-Young Park (*1971) is created in a multi-layered process. With the help of computer-generated designs, the photographic and digital drafts are translated into paintings, whose virtuosity of technique and composition are striking. With instinctive aplomb, the artist manages to fuse the often entirely disparate motifs – private pictures, self-portraits, figures from comics and cartoons, fragments from advertising, fashion magazines or other media – to poetically charged, often monumental sceneries, whose landscape and architectural elements reflect on the tradition of the European history painting.

So-Young Park‘s powerful painting creates (leaves) a sustained visual effect (impression). It is a psychedelic realism composed of contemporary pop cultures that sinks into our subconscious. Her fairy-tale images, always slightly creepy or at least unsettling, follow a private
mythology that builds a bridge between her Asian origin and the global reality of art.

"The World that I live in...
Is a wonderful chaos, created by obsession of change and addiction to speed. People are runners, with their own remote. They’re on a treadmill. Because we’ve run so fast, we’ve even forgotten, That we can turn the treadmill off. Oh well, we just keep on running. But who told us to run? Did you? Or did I?”

Begegnung, 2005, oil on canvas, 190 x 145 cm

  So-Young Park
  • 1971 born in Seoul, South Korea

  • Industrial Design studies at Seoul National University of Technology

  • 1997-1999
  • Work as Interior Decorator in South Korea

  • 1996-2000
  • Environmental Arts studies at Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul

  • 2000-2001
  • Work at “THEMA environment arts institute”, Seoul

  • 2002
  • Move to Berlin

  • 2004
  • Begin of Fine Arts studies at UdK, "Meisterschülerin" with Daniel Richter until 2006, afterwards student of Robert Lucander.

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