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Peter Lindenberg

from december 9, 2008 to further notice
opening 12th december 2008, 6–9 pm
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Kapuzinerkresse 2008 (model).
steel, lacquered, height 6m
Sculpture project "Kapuzinerkresse" („Nasturium“)

Based upon his paintings, the Berlin painter Peter Lindenberg 2008 has developed the sculpture project " Nasturtium" : plant figures interconnect with one another leading to theatricle gestures such as pride, affection or curiosity in the form of a gathered group of plants. The gestures are of human nature and serve thereto, besides from their rather still flora, narrative frictions, for example when reorienting themsleves into seperate blades against the equability of the field.

For peter Lindenberg, the intention of seeing his figures in a natural ambience, bid the use of "Nasturtium" through all kinds of aspects as basic form. Surfaces and curves stand as a wonderful contrast to each other, theatricle communication can thus be ideally staged. Its worldwide dispersion is possible, since the plant searches everywhere for niches, which ultimately gives it an adequate high profile.

The sculpture has given the courtyard of berlin art scouts a priliminary new face: Nine cheerful- green,varied steelstem disembogue to a height of 6 meters in irregular round surfaces – Nasturtium as its best.

As well as the number of "stems" as also the location are absolute varieable. Internationally were Nasturtium fields in the following countries actualised:
  • Nordsternpark, Gelsenkirchen
  • Lindern, Cloppenburg
  • Idaho, USA
For 2009 fields are planned in Dresden as well as Starnberg.

The sculpture at berlin art scouts is to be seen from December 9th 2008 till further notice.

  Peter Lindenberg

The artist currently lives and works in Berlin.
  • born in Braunschweig

  • 1987-1993
  • Studies painting at the HBK Braunschweig University under the professors
    Johannes Brus, Peter Voigt and Norbert Tadeusz

  • 1993
  • Relocates to Berlin
  • First exhibition consisting of four pieces of work at the TU-Mensa, Berlin, dimensions 300 x 400 cm as well as 300 x 600 cm. The exhibition runs two and a half years.

  • 1994
  • Establishes the temporary„Wandergalerie Rohling“.
  • Highly engaged in setting up exhibitions.

  • 2002
  • Establishes the art association Artcore e.V., Berlin

  • 2003
  • The „romantic constructivism“ of his paintings awaken the desire to transfer constructive elements of his works into real landscape – Peter Lindenberg turns to sculpture and presents his first sculpture at the Berlin MAGISTRALE. For the artist painting as well as sculpture are equitable activities.

  Exhibitions (selection)
  • aquabit, Berlin
  • Galerie Lori Lee, Berlin
  • Galerie der Moderne, Berlin (EA)
  • Skulpturenpark Hope, Idaho/USA (EA)

  • 2007
  • Galerie Kube, Berlin (EA)

  • 2006
  • Skulpturenpark Hope, Idaho/USA (EA)
  • Galerie Lindern, Lindern (EA)
  • Galerie Bremen, Bremen (EA)
  • Galerie Kurzendörfer, Pilsach

  • 2005
  • Genthiner 11 e. V., Berlin (EA)
  • Schloss Celle, Celle (EA)
  • Max Plank-Institut, Berlin (EA)
  • Galerie Lindern, Lindern
  • Galerie Skillinge, Skillinge/Schweden

  • 2004
  • TC Blau-Weiss, Berlin
  • Vivantes Skulpturengarten, Berlin
  • Museumshof, Valhun
  • Vattenfall, Berlin (EA)

  • 2003
  • Süd-West-Metall, Göppingen (EA)
  • Tendences Jardins, Luxembourg

  • 2002
  • Salon D’aret, Eupen/Belgien
  • Mönchehaus, Goslar
  • Galerie Leyer-Pritzkow, Düsseldorf (EA)

  • 2001
  • Alter Botanischer Garten, München (EA)
  • Galerie Fahrenhorst, Hameln (EA)

  • SAP Sammlung (45 Werke), Waldorf
  • Vivantes Skulpturengarten, Berlin
  • TC Blau Weiss, Berlin
  • Sammlung Grönke, Idaho/USA

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